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  1. The Kabbalah Centre | Astrology Forecast for the Month of Taurus
  2. Read About Your North and South Nodes:
  3. The Astrological Remedy for the Economy – Add More Taurus!
  4. Taurus sign of zodiac / 5 metals Kabbalah charm - מזל שור

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The Kabbalah Centre | Astrology Forecast for the Month of Taurus

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Your current plan is set to expire on November 30, Please, take a moment to select a new plan. Berkeley, California. Fragrance Free Venue. Wheelchair Accessible. Light Refreshments will be served. Read my horoscope for Sivan in The Jerusalem Post. This month the journey is towards upgrading our relationship to the concept of security, both personal and public.

Read About Your North and South Nodes:

What makes you feel safe: structures or relationships? Institutions or family? The second in a rare series of three exact squares this year made by Jupiter in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces occurs June Stretching the boundaries of dreams and testing the borders of perception, we must guard against extreme distortion of ideals and zealous fanaticism. Facts must actively fight against fear-fueled fantasy now. May we be wise with our words and careful guardians of our hearts during Chodesh Sivan!

The Astrological Remedy for the Economy – Add More Taurus!

Second chances are opportunities for healing and restoration. The entire Jewish year is anchored on this single necessity: Passover must always fall in the spring.

Rosh Hodesh Taurus

The sign of Aries is the ram, the first of the Zodiac signs, the sign of leadership. Just as Yehuda led the rest of the Tribes during their desert wanderings, Yehuda leads the constellations which follow in the formation to their Tribal correspondences around the zodiac. This is another reason why Taureans always look for the coziest and most comfortable place to sit.

When we see them participating in hard labor, it is only because they are purely motivated, by the perfection and comfort, they think they are to receive from their efforts. Due to the huge influx of light Taureans receive during the Spring, they can be full of light and in a state of Love and enlightenment. This makes it much easier for them to be patient and accept other people. This is also why Taureans have very easy going natures. This is also why they are peace loving and they stay away from wars and conflicts. The problem that can arise from this, however, is that they can become very complacent and this is very dangerous as it can cause the loss of life enhancing opportunities and numbness to potential possible dangers.

Love is very important to all of us, especially in the month of Taurus. During this month, we continue to count the Omer, which includes the seven weeks between the holidays of Passover and Shavuot. The counting includes the last two weeks of the month of Aries, the first week of the month of Gemini and the whole month of Taurus. According to Kabbalah, the time of counting is a time of judgment; therefore, we have to be extra careful and cautious during this time.

Taurus sign of zodiac / 5 metals Kabbalah charm - מזל שור

So on one hand, this flood of light can bring a person to healing and purification that reaches its peak on Shavuot. The hint for healing this month can be found in the book of Exodus Ch. On the other hand, lack of respect, fear and separation can bring disasters and pain, which is harsh judgment, especially this month. King Solomon established the Temple in Jerusalem in this month because he wanted to use the light filled energy of the month to draw the energies of healing and the elimination of pain.